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  • What’s the difference between Human Hair and Synthetic Hair?

    Human Hair has protein so it is difficult to collect. We can burn it to identify it’s genuine. Human Hair will be ash and show white smoke. While Synthetic Hair will be block and stick, and show black smoke. Besides Human Hair looks natural and feels good. But nowadays, most synthetic material could meet these effects as well.

  • Can I dye or curl the hair?

    Yes, of course. Natural color hair could be dyed. Just like your own hair, the darker the color, the easier to dye. You’d better dye it in salon or with good appliance. Also do not curl it too often.

  • How long can the hair last?

    That’s depends on your maintaining. If you treat it as the tip, it will last longer. What’s more, it’s lifespan also is up to material. In general, it will last for at least a year.

  • Is Human hair always better than synthetic?

    No, That’s depends. Different people like different feel and style.Different material will lead different result and look.

  • How should I maintain the hair?

    Just treat it like your own Hair.First,Wash it with warm water and mild shampoo gently.Second, squeeze out excess water and pat dry on towel. Third, let air dry in shade or use low-heat dryer.Remember do not sleep on wet hair or comb when wet.

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